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About me:

...I am not as strict as I appear in this photo, haha!

I love meeting new people and exploring new places and things.

I am passionate about ceramics and running in nature. I have a weakness for thrift shopping, good wine....and of course... for ART... in any form! 


Portrait and Editorial Photography is my favorite subject

and I follow more of a photojournalistic approach because it gives me the freedom to see and feel my surrounding first.


I am born in Germany, Hamburg to my lovely South Korean parents. I studied photography at Lette Verein in Berlin where I was waitlisted first, but then got THE CALL that I was in. One of my happiest days!! I have freelanced since then and explored all types of photography.

I lived and worked in Miami Beach, Florida for 10 years and call Portland my home since 2016.

Message me, I look forward to hearing from you :)

Clients & Magazines in Germany & USA:

Stater Magazine, LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine, PSU Magazine, GREY, Portland Winter Light Festival, Brand Eins Magazine, Lufthansa Magazine, Brigitte Magazine, Lucky Peach Magazine, Die Zeit, Glamour, Maxi, Joli, Electronic Beats, Women, TeNeues, Bal Harbor Shops (Book), POD22, Hridayam Ayurveda, 10FK Denim, Anna Sui, Miami Music Project, Citi Bank LATAM, Village Montessori Miami, Delia Fisher- Westwing Home & Living, Grow Marketing, Breathe Pilates, Soullight Being, Veda Health, and the list goes on.....


Located in Southeast Portland, Oregon

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